The experience of our customers confirms that rapid progress and long-lasting results are obtained through systematic learning. Here are a couple of tips that can help simplify your work with the Cambridge Academy language platform and make sure you get the best out of the course.

The Cambridge Academy course is designed so that one section requires about 3 hours of study. This means that it takes about 90 hours to finish one course level. Obviously, the length of the course always depends on your own personal preferences and the amount of time you are willing to spend studying.

According to a survey of our students, the optimal plan is to finish one particular course in 6 months. This can be achieved with a two-hour session twice a week.

Do you want to get even better results? Take a break of 2 or 3 days between sessions. Ideally, you could plan beforehand to study every Monday and Wednesday, or Tuesday and Thursday.

You can access subsequent sections of the course at any time, provided that you complete the necessary tests covering the material that you have learnt so far.

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