Thousands of people around the world have chosen the C.I.A course because of how well it works. These are just a few of the reasons why our teaching system of our is so highly appreciated:

Detailed plan of study

There is a special diagnostic test at the beginning of the course. We will show you a detailed plan of study that will be based on your test results, including a proposed date for taking exam and receiving your Cambridge Academy Certificate.

Study in an interactive and multimedia Academy

The course features a diverse range of activities that make use of modern multimedia technology to allow you to learn both spoken and written English faster.

Cambridge Academy Certificate

The results of your course of study will be confirmed by a special Cambridge Academy Certificate, presented to you after the final exam.

FREE Placement Test

Take part in a free placement test which will help you choose the most suitable language level.

  • Examination courses KET, PET, FCE
  • Preparation course for the TOEFL Examination
  • Preparation course for the IELTS Examination